The Kim’s Canadian Kitchen

3 Sep

Before I actually try baking something in Canada I thought it might be worthwhile sharing something of our apartment kitchen.  It’s fair to say that it’s a kitchen like no other.  In fact the whole of the apartment (must remember to call it an apartment rather than flat) has its own unique sense of design; gold burnished front doors, leopard print chairs around the dining table, art deco styled headboard for the bed; in terms of styles, you name we’ve got it.

The Kim’s Canadian kitchen with the floor as red as a maple leaf

The kitchen definitely holds its own in these high design stakes.  I imagine that it was decorated in the 1980s, if the highly textured, ragged effect walls in a deep orange are anything to go by.  These are complemented by a floor so red that Mr Kim has joked if he lost a piece of meat on the floor he’d be unable to find it.  The floor and walls are offset by the white kitchen units which have something of a country kitchen feel to them despite the fact that we’re in the middle of Toronto.  They’re joined by a white fridge and microwave, and a dishwasher, which we’re using to store some of our landlady’s crockery just to give us a bit of space to put our own items.

The textured walls which bring to mind the backstairs corridor in Apt 1A at Kensington, probably done at about the same time

Where’s that steak?  I know that I dropped it somewhere around here……..

When you run out of cupboard space just use the dishwasher.  Of course this means that you can’t really then use it as a dishwasher but since dishwashing is one of Mrs Kim’s proficencies then it’s a small sacrifice to make. 

And then there’s the oven – a General Electric P7; if someone had told me it was from the 60s I would quite happily have believed them, it looks so retro.  With it’s sleek cream enamelled door, gleaming chrome trim and wood effect infill on the handle it brings to mind American cars of the same era, big, brash and a little bit cumbersome.  However the first P7, introduced in 1963 was definitely ahead of the pack as far as technology was concerned; it was the first self cleaning oven that General Electric produced, being capable of heating itself to 800 degrees Fahrenheit to burn off any debris.  Looking around on the internet it seems that the version in our kitchen dates from the mid 1970s which would fit in with a fit out c.1980 for the apartment.

The P7 resplendent in cream

It’s an imposing kitchen in which to contemplate baking; I almost feel that I need to wearing a vintage dress with my hair coiffured and a spotless apron, like a 1950s cookery advertisement.  But with so many competing styles present in the kitchen, which era to chose?  For the moment I think I’ll just concentrate on road testing the new beater attachment Mr Kim’s bought for the Kitchen Aid mixer.  Reassuringly Mr Kim has been doing his best to replicate our English kitchen in this ode to orange, so we have a navy blue kitchen aid, a Gaggia espresso maker and red Miele vacuum cleaner, just as if we were back in Oxford.  Now where did I put that recipe book …………..?


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  1. Rhiannon Goddard September 4, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    Love the oven. Missing your cakes and our coffee’s together already xx


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