Toronto on the big screen

7 Sep

I’ve just been to see the film Take this Waltz, which is set in Toronto and which I managed to miss before leaving the UK.  The only cinema still showing TTW in Toronto (it came out last year) was the Mount Pleasant Cinema, a cosy, slightly shabby cinema, with rich red and gold wallpaper on the walls and about a dozen people in the audience.

Michelle Williams baking muffins at the start of Take this Waltz

My particular reason for wanting to see the film is the fact that it’s set in Toronto and I was keen to find out how the city was represented.  The answer to this is beautifully in a nostalgic rose tinted glasses kind of way.  The whole film is intense with colour, mirroring the emotional and erotic tension of the characters, though it did keep reminding me of Instagram’s 1977 colour wash!  I enjoyed the film, even if it did feel a bit too long; a scene where the central character Margot (Michelle Williams) goes down to the lake shore and you can hear a man’s voice but aren’t sure if it’s her husband or her lover, would, I think have been the perfect place to end the film.  But since I’m not a film writer/maker ……

On the food front, the film has some beautifully evocative moments, like the opening sequence of Margot making blueberry muffins and the scene when her husband is roasting a chicken (slightly unbelievably he’s a writer of cookery books about cooking chicken… at least this helped to explain why he was around the house so much.)  I also enjoyed looking at all their cooking paraphernalia in the kitchen scenes.  Other great non-food related moments in the film included the swimming pool sequences and the cold water in the shower joke, all very bittersweet.

Seth Rogen’s character busy cooking up some chicken in Take this Waltz

The Toronto International Film Festival is now in full swing and I have tickets to go and see a varied mix of three films, ranging from an Argentinian film Gone Fishing to the new Great Expectations starring Helen Boham Carter.  I shall have to see what food moments I can find in these!


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