Cable Feasting

13 Oct

One of our many Korean feasts; the soup in our bowls is seaweed soup, known as birthday soup since it’s a special treat usually served on people’s birthdays, kim chi is right in the centre, with ggakdugi clockwise next, egg roll, Chonggak kimchi, jap chae and pajeon. 

If ever there was a definition of being well fed it was me in Cable.  It’s a good job that there plenty of opportunities for me to take long walks through the changing fall colours because I probably ate enough to keep me going for a month rather than the two weeks I actually spent in Cable.  For anyone who’s not sure, Cable is a small town in northern Wisconsin which Mr Kim and his parents have been visiting for years.  In fact it was difficult to move around Cable without Mr Kim being greeted at every turn like a long lost brother (it’s not that this is uncommon in other places, but in Cable it was the frequency of recognition which made it stand out).  I had to make do by being recognised in Ashland (a nearby, larger town) by two ladies I’d met the day before.  Mr Kim’s friend loved this story, he now has both of us as the next hot ticket to stand for political office in Cable.

But back to the food, it was pure feasting from start to finish, not least because I was staying with my in laws so my mother-in-law treated me to a banquet of Korean delights (appropriately we were in Cable for Chuseok, the Korean mid autumn festival which celebrates the harvest, when Koreans pay respects to their ancestors and which usually involves a good meal or two).  One of my the features of Korean cooking which I particularly like is the range of dishes on the table at anyone time and usually our dinner table in Cable had at least six to eight dishes.  So many of my favourites were there; ggakdugi (spicy radish), kimchi (fermented cabbage), Japchae (noodles with vegetables and meat) and pajeon (Korean pancakes).  Even better than this my MIL offered to improve my Korean cooking skills so I had a series of masterclasses for different dishes (I’ll share my solo results in future posts).

We were in Cable at just the right time to enjoy the glorious fall of the northern woods; the trees vibrated with intense reds, eyepopping yellows and vivid oranges.  Each day as we walked or drove down our favourite Garmisch Road we were able to see colour change overnight.  By the end of the two weeks the wintry weather had already begun to set in; Mr Kim took me fishing in the snow!  But for the first ten days the weather couldn’t have been better; warm and sunny which was perfect to enjoy a cup of Brick House cafe coffee sitting on their porch, amble around near by Hayward (where we had lunch in a Chinese restaurant), sample the delights of our mammoth maki making session as we picknicked in Bayfield, a small town on the edge of Lake Superior.  Fishing was terrible, much to our disappointment since we wanted to eat all we caught, but we did manage to catch enough fish for two shore line lunches, basking in the last autumnal sunshine.  But other lunches were good too; delicious salads at the Brick House cafe with a fantastic raspberry dressing, crisp and freshly toasted quesadillas at the Rookery pub where we were delighted and surprised we’d arrived just in time to enjoy live music.

The first of our shoreline lunches; perch and northern fillets caught with our own fair hands.

And then there was Cable Fall fest, the annual town event of gathering in which food plays a central role, whether it’s the charity pancake breakfast, the fire dept. chilli taste challenge or the enormous turkey drumsticks offered by the Lakewoods resort stall.  My in-laws confessed that it had taken them years to get used to turkey but we all tucked in heartily to the enormous drumstick; it quite easily fed four of us.  We accompanied it with a delicious homemade lemonade, perfect for sipping in the warm weather, taking in the craft stalls and the vintage car show.

Of course Lakewoods is home to a Sunday brunch which has become something of a Kim-Baxter tradition and since Ned Baxter was up in town there was no escaping feasting on snow crab legs, prime rib and pork ribs (for those feeling less carnivorous there were plenty of salads, but Mr Kim resisted all attempts to try these)

Mr Kim preparing the fine Arthur chicken – thanks Andy, Lisa, Aaron, Logan, Nolan, Devan and Simon!

And for our final Cable meal – what could be better than a hand raised Arthur chicken, kindly given to us by the Arthur family, one of whose many summer project involves raising chickens.  Beautifully succulent and full of flavour; the perfect way to end two weeks of Cable feasting!


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