Kensington Palace Recipes 3 – Colin’s fig and white chocolate biscuits

29 Jan


An early concept model for Enchanted Palace, combining fashion and palace grandeur, ideas which then had to be costed up by Colin, note the magically pouring teapot to the left.

This week’s Kensington Palace recipe comes courtesy of Colin, Head of Quantity Surveying at Historic Royal Palaces.  Throughout my work on exhibition projects at HRP Colin had a remarkable ability to remain totally unfazed by any of the unexpected and sometimes surreal ideas we’d suggest for our exhibition design.  Colin’s calm and wise assessment of our proposals was particularly valuable for the exhibition adventure that was Enchanted Palace.  Whatever we came up with, from magic pouring tea pots to flying dresses, real birch forests to 14ft tall puppets, Colin would be able to quantify it and cost it up, producing budgets that allowed our creative ideas to move beyond sketches on a page.

  IMG_4049  chopped figs and white chocolate, courtesy of Bulk Barn

A similar mixture of creativity tempered by the restraint of experience is found in Colin’s fig and white biscuit recipe.  The recipe is photocopied from a newspaper but has been helpfully annotated with Colin’s modifications; he suggests using rice flour instead of the original plain flour for example and warns not to chop up the chocolate too small, other ‘it will disappear’.  Locating the ingredients for this recipe was much more straight forward than last time.  A quick trip to Bulk Barn provided me with the dried figs, white chocolate and flour.  I was going to get white chocolate chips but Bulk Barn only had these in one, small size and bearing in mind Colin’s advice I decided to buy a bar of chocolate instead to chop up.


The recipe was wonderfully straightforward; creaming the butter and sugar, adding the vanilla and egg, then the figs and chocolate and then finally the flour.  The recipe suggests that you’ll get 15 biscuits; I managed 16, all fitting neatly on one baking sheet.


All ready for the oven

For 20 minutes or so there was a beautiful smell wafting out of the oven.  I had to resist sampling them straight away but was glad to have waited; the crunchy outside forms a great contrast with the soft and chewy centre.  I don’t think that I’ve ever experimented with fig and white chocolate in a biscuit before but the two make a delicious flavour combination and the creamy white chocolate works beautifully with the squidgy seeded texture of the figs.  Perfect with a cup of coffee.

Thanks very much for the recipe Colin!


The finished biscuits, golden, chewy and crunchy


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